Build a Strong Peer Network to Boost Your Career

build a strong peer network to boost your career

Getting to the top of your field is easier with a strong peer network. A group of trusted colleagues – or a “mastermind group” – can provide feedback, share insights, and support you when you need it most.

Here’s how to create one:

Decide who you want in it. It can be a mix of professions or people from the same industry. More diversity will make the group more valuable. But vet candidates carefully – “firing” someone once they’re a member can be awkward.

Set ground rules. Be clear about the group’s goals and values. For example, decide whether discussions are confidential and whether referral fees are appropriate when members send each other new business.

Develop a structure. How often will you meet? How will you communicate? And when is a break from your structure warranted? In situations like a new job opportunity or a family crisis, the entire conversation can be used to provide invaluable support.

Adapted from “Create a Mastermind Group to Help Your Career,” by Dorie Clark.

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