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they succeed?
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ensure things go exceptionally well?

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The probability and cost of a failed new hire is too high to leave it to chance

We’ve all seen it and, maybe, it has happened to you.
The new leader starts, but for a variety of reasons communication breaks down, tension mounts, cooperation
is low, and soon the new hire is missing on goals and expectations.  They start pushing too hard or retreating. Some hang in while others start looking.

McKinsey & Co research reports that almost 1/3 of externally hired executives miss expectations in the first two years. For a leadership start to not go well, the cost and impact is significant. If they leave, estimates are it will cost 90 to 200 percent of their annual salary to replace them.2 However, even more costly is the impact on team morale, results, and retention – all which take huge energy to recover from.

Premierehire Executive search and leadership strategies
Premierehire Executive search and leadership strategies

I found the keys to ‘insure’ a successful start

After watching this happen early in my career, I become obsessed to diagnose the why and determine what could be done better. I interviewed people, sought out experts, and experimented as I built my own teams.

I discovered several key elements common to highly successful starts. Then as the owner of an executive search firm, I was involved firsthand in hundreds of placements and got to see what worked and what didn’t in many different types of companies.

Seeking to improve the impact of our placements we developed and fine-tuned simple methods and tools to proactively initiate these keys to success.

We developed an Accelerator for New Hires

Our tools and methods were so successful with our leadership placements that our clients started to request them for their own hires.

If your new leader’s success is critical to your future, our New Leader Accelerator process can help you ‘insure’ successful integration and accelerate relationships that can withstand the expected bumps in any start.

We utilize a leading psychometric assessment tool, a simple step by step process that works, and facilitation from expert coaches to make it happen.

Planning for Effective Integration is key with huge returns

You could leave it to chance and hope the start up goes well, but with what is at stake, the potential risks, and significant costs why not insure for success?

The number one reason we see why good leaders do bad onboarding is because with many priorities they put it off. Time slips by and they miss the opportunity to accelerate the start up and set up for success. Some are fighting fires, others assume the new hire will figure it out, and others only do the typical welcome lunch and information sharing.

Although the new hire may be skilled in building relationships, they might hesitate with too many unknowns, move too slowly, or become stressed. Buyers’ remorse can set in quickly, and all that initial enthusiasm and potential gets dampened with survival level anxiety


Set the Course for your New Leaders on a Positive Trajectory – Here’s How 

Our New Leader Accelerator ensures the important conversations happen and critical information is shared to build trust and rapport, NOW, while the opportunity is hot and before misunderstanding, tensions, or disengagement set in.

Intentionally set up the dynamics for new hire success and productive teamwork with our New Leader Accelerator –
don’t just hope it goes well.

Leanne Abraham Coaching
Leanne Abraham leadership coaching

What we do?

Premierehire Executive search and leadership strategies

Accelerating the ‘get to know you’

We accelerate the ‘get to know you’ process and help people understand important similarities and differences to reduce misunderstandings and assumptions which could negatively color perceptions.

We explore leadership styles, communication preferences, motivations & interests and their impact on work, expectations, personal keys to productivity and fulfillment, and much more.

We also help ensure there is clarity in responsibility, decision making authority, and communication channels.

Identify complimentary and conflicting styles

With help from a leading psychometric tool, participants develop an operating guide on themselves and together identify where their different strengths or challenges might compliment or conflict.

A focused ‘get to know you’ process guided by an executive coach, speeds up building rapport and eliminates potentially inaccurate assumptions or missteps which can lead to frustrations, stress, and conflict.

Ongoing process & tools help facilitate conversations on key topics to enhance understanding and relationships extending to peers and direct reports.


Premierehire Executive search and leadership strategies
Premierehire Executive search and leadership strategies

Productive conversations that build trust.

A similar process is used with direct reports, colleagues and teams using simple guided conversations starters (including insight statements from their in-depth assessments).

Growing a common understanding, language and process to talk about relationships and team dynamics is critical for agility and innovation. Learn more.

What Our Clients Say

New Leader Accelerator is facilitated by Leanne Terrace

Leanne is a certified leadership coach with over 20 years of executive onboarding experience as an executive recruiter and long-time business leader. As she likes to say, “long enough to have made the mistakes and learned what really works so I can help others excel”.


Premierehire Executive search and leadership strategies

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Premierehire Executive search and leadership strategies