How NOT to be a Word Cloud – #JobSearchStrategies

How not to be a word cloud

By Leanne Abraham, President, Premierehire

The most common mistake we find with resumes and cover letters is people trying to cover their bases so well that they actually become a generic word cloud; a well-crafted summary that just blends into the crowd.

My advice – put a stick in the ground! Get clear on what you are looking for and what you, uniquely you, have to offer. 

Your Resume – This needs to be all about accomplishments and keywords. Make sure accomplishments are specific (numbers, timelines, measurable impact) and use words like built, developed, exceeded, and achieved. Anyone can write a job description – putting what you accomplished will stand out. Also, ten years of work history is enough but if earlier work history is relevant, just list the companies or projects.  Make sure you address any gaps without raising more questions. Keep your resume under 2 pages with lots of white space.

LinkedIn, Blogs, Social Media – take the time to ensure that all of these amplify your resume.  Use LinkedIn to feature white papers, samples of your work, blogs, awards, and recommendations. Inconsistencies either say you don’t know who you are or what you want or you’re stretching the truth. Check out Roovy to profile a multi media portfolio.

Introduction /cover note – this is where you link your accomplishments and qualities to what the hiring manager is most likely looking for. If there is a job posting, address the key items and tell her why you will succeed using evidence from past results. No need to be exhaustive – just get her intrigued enough to want to meet you.

Network – Be different – stand out from the crowd. Lou Adler has some great advice on this read more.

FOLLOW UP!  Be creative and add value. Sometimes your first tries to reach out or follow up are just during a busy week, went to junk mail, or got lost in a pile of other candidates. If you are confident that you are a good fit, act like your contact will be thrilled to get you on his team. Keep up the dialogue until he says yes or no. If he says no, clarify when to try again.

For more advice on job search strategies please click here.

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