What are you worth?

what are your worth?

We all want to ensure we are maximizing our earning potential and being paid a fair wage and/or commission.

Your earning potential is very much in your control and there are a number of things you can start doing now to impact what you earn tomorrow.

Short term:

  • Do your homework and make sure you know what similar positions are paying. This will provide the confidence and facts for you to negotiate or have a discussion with your manager. Check out the websites below or go to local job boards and see what wage levels are posted for similar positions.
  • Create value for your boss, your team and your company. Make sure you are clear on what is expected of you. Make sure the timeline and resources available are sufficient for success – if not negotiate these.
  • Be easy to work with and of service. Most managers will compromise on skills and experience to have the person they enjoy working with especially if they have a positive impact on the morale and company culture.
  • Stay focused – avoid the temptation to get comfortable and not strive for the best. Being late, missing deadlines, taking personal calls, being sarcastic all happen and can be forgiven but little things can add up fast.
  • Look for opportunities to lead and profile your capabilities.

Long Term:

  • Take stock of where your strengths are and where you excel the best. Move in this direction with the support of a mentor or boss who wants to see you succeed.
  • Take classes and training to expand your knowledge base and expertise.
  • Read books, blogs and articles in your area of interest, industry and/or expertise to be the expert.
  • Write, post and blog on your area of expertise to build your profile.


Check out these informative sites:

Salary Expert is a leading provider of online compensation data, including salary comparison, serving both individual employees and HR/Compensation professionals. 
Salary Expert

Salary.com was created to inform, educate, and enable people about the latest information on compensation and benefits. The Salary Wizard allows users to conduct research into the prevailing pay rate for a job.

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