Interview Must Do’s

Interviews must do's

Prepare for your interview – How to prove your worth & get hired

Prior to heading into an interview it is key that you understand what the hiring manager is really looking for in a candidate, why that experience is important, and what the hiring manager wants the candidate to accomplish. If you do not understand what the hiring manager is looking for you will not be able to prove to the hiring manager how your background and capabilities will enable you to become successful in the position.  As the recruiter we have presented you to the hiring manager since we believe you can succeed based on what you have told us but you need to present yourself again, and even more thoroughly, to the hiring manager.  Assume they have not read your resume or heard anything about you.

Here are some basic qualifying questions you can ask to help you understand and/or confirm the hiring manager’s expectations and to focus the interview on you as the solution:

  1. What are you looking for in a candidate, and what will they need to do in order to be successful?
  2. What do you hope to accomplish by filling this position?
  3. What are the major goals/initiatives you would like to see accomplished?

Once you have these questions answered make sure you go over how you and your past experience and related accomplishments can help the hiring manager accomplish those goals. After you’ve done that close the interview by asking questions like

  1. Is there anything else you would be looking for a candidate to do?
  2. From everything that I went over, does it seem like I’m the type of person you are looking for?

If the hiring manager pauses and doesn’t seem to want to answer, ask if there are any concerns, and then address them.

Lastly, remember to send a thank you (e-mail is best).  Most people don’t do that anymore but it’s always a nice touch, and hiring managers always seem to remember who went out of their way to make a good impression.                     

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