How to Show Trustworthiness in a Job Interview

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how to show trustworthyness in a job interview

The most important thing to get across in an interview is not that you are smart and motivated – it’s that you are trustworthy. Trustworthiness is the fundamental trait that people automatically look for in others.

To be seen as trustworthy, you need to demonstrate warmth and competence. Warmth signals that you have good intentions, and competence signals that you can act on those good intentions. If you follow the usual interview advice and only focus on highlighting your competence, the interviewer may end up a bit wary of you.

How to do this?

Ask your interviewer questions

For example, you might show interest by asking, “So how did you come to be [current role] at [company]?” or “What are you currently working on?” The answers might reveal similarities in your background, experience, or goals, and help you connect. 

Adapted from “How to Show Trustworthiness in a Job Interview,” by Heidi Grant Halvorson.


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