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The attendees at the March NCHR-SD monthly professional development meeting had the privilege of hearing the transformational stories of the Scripps Health turnaround and learning Chris Van Gorder’s 10 Principles of Front-Line Leadership – an authentic, back-to-the-basics approach that can strengthen relationships, improve trust and build a strong corporate culture that will sustain an organization in bad times, good times and times of extreme change.His 10 principles are ….

Chris Van Gorder’s Ten Principles of Front-Line Leadership are:

  1. Tell your stories. Openly share your experiences.
  2. Fill in the information gap. When people have the same information, they reach similar conclusions.
  3. Connect with your people. Share a piece of yourself. You can’t be effective as a distant boss.
  4. Be “situationally” aware. Actively seek to know and understand. Empathize with others.
  5. Take care of “me” first. Provide for your employees. Give them the freedom to put others first.
  6. It’s an all or nothing deal. Responsibility and authority must come with accountability.
  7. Leave no one behind. Protect and serve your people by being their greatest advocate.
  8. Bring your mission to life. Genuine, heartfelt actions speak louder than words.
  9. Always ask, “What if?” Think long-term and big picture. Be ready to fall up.
  10. Lead courageously and decisively. Challenge your organization to move past what’s comfortable.

Chris has written, The Front-Line Leader: Building a High-Performance Organization from the Ground Up, which goes into greater depth and includes the stories of how Scripps Health transformed into one of San Diego’s best places to work and a top rated health provider.

Joins us next month on April 11th to discover more ways you can be influential in our fast-paced changing world. Catherine Mattice Zundel, President of Civility Partners and international speaker, will speak on strategies for building influence and civility in the workplace…so your employees can thrive.
Looking forward to seeing you all at our next lunch event April 11, 2018 in Carlsbad!

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