Change Your Story, Change Your Life: A Journey to Authenticity and Fulfillment

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 We all have two life stories: one anchored in the past and another set in the present and future. Watching a powerful intervention by Tony Robbins was like a hit on the head for me. I realized how a story rooted in my past was holding me back and preventing me from living a fulfilling and joyful life. This process, in which Tony helped Katrina change her story and, for me, change my life, is inspiring and attainable for anyone willing to look inside, pay attention, and shift.

The Power of Rewriting Your Story 

Katrina’s old story was filled with drama and pain, but through Tony’s guidance, she was able to craft a new narrative. This new story was grounded in a clear sense of purpose, allowing her to step into a life that felt meaningful and fulfilling. I did the same, and now, as an executive coach, I have guided similar transformations for others. I believe that everyone has the potential to rewrite their story. 

Embracing Virtuous Emotions 

Tony emphasized the importance of engaging what are labelled as virtuous emotions. These include love, playfulness, compassion, optimism, determination, and boldness. These emotions are not just fleeting feelings; they can be part of our identity and help drive positive actions. When you live in the right emotional state, you also do the right thing for your well-being. Conversely, vices like fear, sadness, loneliness, and anger can lead to negative actions. 

To change your story, start by identifying and recalling moments when you experienced virtuous emotions. Feel them deeply and use them as the foundation for your new narrative. Flood your recall and history. Write them out. They can be as simple as the elation of your child’s first steps or when you helped a dear friend. This process shifts your outlook and will change how you show up in the world which in turn alters how others will experience you. 

Breaking Free from Negative Patterns 

Katrina’s transformation involved breaking free from her old patterns of seeking connection through pain and self-pity. Tony’s approach included strong language and humor to create awareness of and then disrupt these patterns. He then encouraged her to embrace a new, authentic self. Her true self, unencumbered by the old habits fueled by the old story.

Sometimes we need help from someone on the outside to observe and point out our negative patterns. I didn’t realize how often I played out mine and how it had kept me stuck for years! I sought out support and guidance and successfully replaced it with empowering beliefs and emotions. Our egocentricity, which is often just fear, can burn us out. However, when we tell our story from an authentic place, we can make radical changes in our outlook and how we experience life. 

Creating a New Identity and Life 

The process of rewriting your story involves more than just changing the narrative; it’s about adopting a new identity. This new identity is built on virtuous emotions and a sense of purpose. For Katrina, it meant becoming the woman she authentically felt she is. Someone who is compassionate, creates communities, and feels joy and fulfillment.

Ask yourself: 

  • What is your true story? 
  • Who is the authentic you?
  • Who would you naturally be without your unhelpful stories of who people are or how the world works that limit your options? 
  • What are you about and what are you here to deliver? 
  • What do you feel, give, and experience? 
  • What role do you play? 
  • What is your life ultimately about that makes it so fulfilling? 

Are You Ready to Rewrite Your Story? 

If you’re tired of living in your old story and are ready to embrace a fulfilling and authentic life, you can take action. You can learn these life-changing methods and transform your life. I have seen incredible transformations in myself and my clients by applying different meanings and purposes to our past stories using virtuous emotions. 

Are you ready to get out of old stories and live a life filled with authenticity, love, and joy? From this place, you can be more, love more, help more, and be a positive influence in your business, community, and family. 

Take the Next Step 

An outside perspective, in a safe environment, from a trained intervention coach is the fastest and most helpful way I know to make a shift. It changed my life and now I help others do the same. If you want change, I invite you to book a free consultation with me. During this call, we’ll talk about where you’re at and how coaching might help. Just click on a time that works for you. 

Together, we can rewrite your story and unlock the life you deserve. 

P.S. I have since discovered additional methods that help uncover and shift negative patterns or limiting beliefs for many. If you know that it is time to move to the next level for your business, your leadership, and your life don’t wait like I did. It is far more exciting on the other side of blocks and barriers! 

The Author

Leanne Terrace helps leaders and teams reach higher levels of performance and fulfillment in their work.

Leanne serves as an executive & team coach, facilitator, leadership trainer, and talent advisor. Her coaching, tools, and proven processes transform organizational health, attract great people, and build great places to work because ‘people are the point’.

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Leanne has over 25 years of executive leadership experience and is a certified executive and team coach (EMCC). She is a certified coach for Birkman Leadership Assessments and 360s and has extensive training with the Adizes Institute for Organizational Transformation, Robbins Madanes Intervention coaching, the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC), and the Global Team Coaching Institute (GTCI). She also has a degree in Psychology and a Masters in Business from UBC.

Leanne serves clients throughout the US and Canada, ranging in size and industry.

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