Sometimes you just need an expert to ensure you are on the right path or help with strategic HR planning. Or maybe you need someone your employees can access who can also manage your HR requirements effectively and efficiently?

Our ability to provide expert HR consulting support is based on our years of experience and expertise. From HR Audits, to retained support, to executive coaching engagements, we can help you plan, resolve, avoid (litigation), recruit, retain, and grow.

Other HR services include on-site management, payrolling (we W2 your contractors), skills testing/background checks, and our unique SmartStart programs.

Premierehire has HR Director-level staff who can do everything for you at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee. There are advantages to having a high-level person providing hands-on support to create and maintain a smooth-running company. The main advantage is that you will have confidence that both the practical and strategic implementation of best practices in HR are being addressed. A secondary benefit is the transfer of knowledge and skills to your own team that will serve you well over time. The goal is to create the most positive and productive workplace possible and to do that, you need the most skilled and effective people in place, with the expertise and support when needed.

Examples of the services we provide include:
•    Staffing, progression and succession planning
•    Coaching of managers to ensure success in HR, hiring, performance and team development
•    Development / monitoring of performance improvement systems including reviews, form development, and counseling
•    Position analysis and compensation plans to ensure effective hiring and retention
•    Recommendations / assistance with hiring and orientation process
•    Administration of leaves of absence
•    Oversight of workers’ comp claims
•    Guidance and/or assistance and with discipline, layoffs and terminations
•    Review of all processes, policies and procedures to ensure compliance
•    Notification of and requirements for upcoming labor law changes (local, state, federal)
•    Payroll and benefits administration
•    Recruitment and staffing
•    And more…

HR Consulting Services – retained, project based or hourly:

Most managers have times when they need to discuss their employment-related ideas and decisions with someone who can validate, suggest, or introduce new ideas to assist them. For many years Premierehire’s leadership has provided that function as a management partner to our clients.

Our consulting takes several forms—it may be a discussion over the telephone or a reply by email. It may be answering a simple question or providing the strategic plan to hire or layoff staff. Sometimes we travel to the client’s office to assist with an interview or layoff in person. Other times we prepare all the paperwork and customize it so it is instantly ready to go.

We may handle the Unemployment Insurance paperwork for an employee in one state or provide a strategy for handling a chronically late employee in another. We may conduct a mediation session with two angry employees who need to work together or advise an employer which leaves of absence apply to someone out on workers’ comp leave.

It could be, and often is, about any subject you can think of that involves employees. When needed, we call our retained attorneys and get their advice—at no additional cost to our clients.

We work with companies in almost all industries and in all states. We have learned to ask good questions to move from problem presentation to what is really going on so we can be most effective.

Our goal is to have our client feel better off for having talked with us than s/he did before—more confident, more clear about next steps, and better educated and prepared for next time.

Project Based HR Solutions we provide include:

HR Audits:

The purpose of an HR Audit is to take a look at your HR function at a moment in time and be able to assess the level of legal compliance and effectiveness of your processes and procedures. You can take our findings and recommendations and use them to make necessary changes internally, you can hire us to assist you or you can hire anyone else of your choosing to assist you.

HR Audits are particularly helpful when making changes in whoever currently handles that function, during re-organization, prior to a sale or merger when due diligence is expected, and when there have been complaints and/or lawsuits. An HR Audit changes vague worry into a concrete picture enabling you to make good decisions with confidence.

The following is a partial list of the areas we review during an audit of your human resources practices.

•    Are your selection and hiring processes effective?
•    Do you have a good orientation process for new employees?
•    Does your current Employee Handbook contain what it should?
•    Do you have Job Descriptions and are they ADA compliant?
•    Have supervisors been trained on the most troublesome topics?
•    Do you fulfill Americans with Disabilities Act requirements?
•    Are COBRA and HIPAA managed correctly?
•    Are record keeping, filing and privacy requirements being met?
•    Are ergonomic requirements met?
•    Are Exempt and Non-exempt classifications correct?
•    Do you have a current Illness & Injury Prevention Program in force?
•    What is your compensation structure and how do you arrive at internal equity?
•    Do you meet all the requirements of sexual harassment law?
•    Do you utilize effective performance evaluation methods, forms and procedures?
•    Do you have consistent discipline policies and procedures?
•    Are your termination and layoff procedures legal and effective?

You will receive a report of our findings and our recommendations. We also provide a summary sheet listing in priority order those areas that need further attention. It is our intent to give you the information and assistance needed to make this process efficient and as uncomplicated as possible.


Company Start up:

You are ready to hire your first employees. What do you need in place? What are good best practices to ensure you are compliant, build strong engagement, keep costs as low as you can? We help you think through your team building plan, provide insight on options and cost analysis. We will outline your key steps now and what you need to plan for as you grow.


Preliminary Investigations

From time to time circumstances develop and you realize you need more information before making a decision. Everything is not simple; things do not add up; it is a “he said, she said” situation and you don’t know who is telling the truth.

When this occurs having someone from the outside come in and conduct an investigation may be very helpful. We are trained to know what questions to ask, and not to ask and most important, how to ask. Because we are objective and have no loyalties or issues with anyone in your company, often people tell us things they are not comfortable telling someone they know and work with in their own company.

We have conducted many investigations on a wide variety of subjects. If you find yourself facing a situation that could use a trained outside viewpoint, please let us know. We are happy to give you more detailed information at that time and we would be glad to assist you.

Employee Handbooks

Many employers understand the need for employee handbooks but don’t know how to write one or where to find one they can rely on. Labor attorneys are strongly suggesting that all employers have an employee handbook that is current and contains policies you intend to follow. Employee handbooks are designed to be part of the foundation of the employment relationship. They set the tone; they reflect your values and your culture. They also fulfill certain very important requirements, both legally and practically.

Job Analysis & Descriptions
There are some very good reasons for conducting a job analysis and writing a job description. Among them is the requirement by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to identify the “Essential Functions” of a job in order that people with disabilities can compete fairly in the labor market. Having written job descriptions meets this requirement.

The other very important reason is to ensure that all the stakeholders have thought through and agreed upon what a position is expected to accomplish, how it is to be accomplished, and over what time frame. With this information well documented it now becomes easier to identify the skills and type of person needed, attributes or work experience required, and the type of questions needed in an interview. It also enables the potential candidate to self-screen for fit and sets up clear job performance expectations for the new hire and stakeholders. All these factors will lead to improved productivity and increased retention, both of which have strong ROI impact.

To help you develop effective job descriptions we conduct interviews with key stakeholders, help gain consensus if needed, and, after feedback, provide the final written document. Our clients often only need to do this a few times with us to transfer knowledge and skills of how to build a good job description or we can keep helping to craft and write these.

Job descriptions can be used:

• During the hiring process. They can form the basis for questions asked during the interview of all applicants for that position. This helps keep interviewers on track asking job-related questions and increases the possibility that all applicants are judged based on the same criteria.

• During the performance appraisal process. Employees appreciate knowing what the expectations are that make up the evaluation process. If appraisals are tied to functions outlined in a job description, employees have a greater chance of meeting those expectations.

• To bring employees back from a workers’ comp leave or any other type of medical
leave. Because our job descriptions outline the physical requirements of the job, they can be given to a doctor to assist in the determination of when the employee can return to work.

• During an employee discipline situation. They can be used to clarify expectations and potentially assist in getting an employee back on track.

• During the termination process. They can substantiate the decision to terminate an employee due to performance reasons.

Compensation & Incentive Planning:

There is a variety of reasons why companies need extra help or information on compensation and incentive plans:
•    New position is being created and you need to know what a competitive package is to ensure you are able to negotiate well with and secure top talent.
•    Pay scales are changing as the economy evolves and, to ensure you keep top talent, you want to benchmark your programs against the market.
•    Current incentive programs are no longer effective or meeting your needs and you want to better understand the market, and best practices in your industry.

We can assess your needs, understand what is or is not working and provide recommendations along with a full analysis and bench marking.

Assessments & Coaching:

Our years of experience as recruiters and as HR consultants listening to the stories told by our clients about their experiences with employees has led us to try to find tools that will ensure better hiring decisions, better onboarding of new team members, managers supported to provide better coaching, and processes to help improve morale, engagement, and productivity.

Our assessment and coaching tools can support your managers in a variety of ways:
•    Interview questions and candidate profiles can be built based on the profile of the manager they will be supporting.
•    In depth assessments based on interests, needs and motivations can help an interviewer ask more in depth questions to uncover potential areas of concern or strength of particular significance to the job or culture requirements.
•    Effectively on boarding a new candidate helping both them and their manager or team get to know each other faster and build open communication and trust from the start.
•    Leadership coaching for new managers or managers who need support to more effectively engage and lead their team(s).
•    Relationship improvement for key individuals who need to work effectively together but are struggling.
•    Team and/or company culture development – moving a team to the next level of synergy and productivity.
•    Outplacement services

The program behind all of the above services is called our Premierehire SmartStart Program. Learn More


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