I have learned from the benefit of time and trial and error that the secret is really quite simple. Possibly it is our beliefs or paradigms that make team success seem complicated and difficult to achieve. Many teams have achieved greatness and accomplished amazing feats, so they are true and possible. But what do we need to do to create them? Is there a secret formula? As stated by Richard Branson, “Complexity is your new enemy. Any fool can make something complicated. It is hard to keep things simple”. So below I have begun to share what I see as the simple secrets to building great teams and I hope I don’t become the fool and lose you with too many words.

When networking and mingling was a thing (remember those days), as a leadership coach I was often asked, “what is one thing I can do today, to be a better leader and help my team members be more and achieve more”.

Early in my career this question overwhelmed me – my mind would flood with hours of content from workshops I had developed, books I had read and seminars I had taken. But these people were not asking for a course, they just want a practical, high impact piece of advice they could use today - in about a 5-minute conversation.


Was that me who just reacted like that?

Some leaders are really feeling the impact of this new virtual way of working, and it is causing them stress and disintegration in their team. Even seemingly small outbursts or the occasional misstep can unravel safety, trust and motivation and send team members into defensiveness and anxiety.

Are any of the reactions below familiar? If so, you are not alone, and there are simple adaptations that can help you get back to being the awesome leader you know you are.

Are you really helping people feel understood, valued, and cared for? Or is it just your intention?

I think I have a good grasp of what it is to be a servant leader. I am a good person, honest and well-intended, but I know my journey is far from complete and there is more work to do.


How do I know this? I thought about my thinking.

Could you use our secret to successfully assess and onboard top candidates for a fraction of normal recruiting fees?

Premierehire is now offering our Leadership ACCELERATOR services, which utilizes the industry’s top psychometric assessments and interview methods, to help our clients make thorough and effective hiring decisions, whether you are doing the recruiting or we are.

Using behavioral assessments can have a very positive impact on a company’s hiring decisions. Using assessments for hiring can be invaluable if used correctly. What is often missed, however, is the importance of implementing an official policy around the usage of these assessments for selection.

Having a sound policy in place that is consistently implemented will ensure the proper use and management of assessments in the hiring/selection process and will help to avoid any potential legal issues related to using assessment for hiring. 

When creating the hiring/selection policy there are some important points to consider and include.

If your company or organization has used Stop Guessing for Teams or The Birkman Method (TBM), now, more than ever, you need to open the amazing library of reports and set up a Zoom (or other platform) gathering or a one-on-one session!

Whether it’s team building, sorting ideas to make more productive decisions, handling sensitive issues with better communication and compassion, exploring career options, meeting one-on-one or with the group, identifying unmet needs, and recognizing possible stress reactions – The Birkman Method and Stop Guessing for Teams (SGT) is a valuable and critical resource in your wheelhouse – especially now.

Get ready for recovery. The economy is edging forward as we gain hope in reopening. Finding good talent will again be critical. Much like to achieve your sales goals you need a strong pipeline, the same goes for recruiting the best people. Building a pipeline of people who know, like and trust you is key to consistently hiring the best. A curated pipeline brings many benefits including increased speed to hire, reduced lost opportunity costs of an open position or territory, a significantly higher probability of hiring a strong long-term fit, and great referrals. All of this translates to less stress on you and your team, improved business results, and better retention. If this sounds good – let's get started!

Ready to fill those key roles now? COVID19 has certainly changed the recruiting landscape. You have already made so many changes but the good news is there is a lot of great talent available and looking, the bad news is there is a lot of talent looking. To help you sift through, find your match, and successfully onboard a top person here are some key recruiting strategies and best practices that will help.

Spark Your Own Creativity

When our daily routines are geared toward barrelling through a to-do list, it can be hard to set the right conditions for creativity. Fortunately, there is a time-tested approach — that is also quite simple — for generating creative ideas.

The hiring process is fraught with potential disaster since a bad hire can set you back months or, at a minimum, cost you tens of thousands is wages and lost opportunity, so do not enter this process without some thought and planning.  If hiring is only one of your many urgent priorities, execute these top 3 must do's and you will significantly increase your probability of a successful hire.

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