Do you need to make some important hires to make your 2020 goals? Let me share how we find and get into conversations with top candidates, plus, how we ensure our clients successfully onboard the person they want.

Should you opt to do this yourself, my tips below will help. If this is a key role and every week unfilled is lost opportunity, then I recommend you consider the ROI of using an executive recruiter. There are several other benefits of using an outside recruiter to secure a top performer. Read more here.

Our 6 Step Fast Track to getting top talent:

Instead of waiting and hoping for top people to apply to a job posting, we don't wait and instead we ‘head hunt’ and leverage every tech and AI tool we have. Our goal is to reach a person when he/she is contemplating a move or just unsatisfied – long before they have several other options presented to them. It's no secret but, when you target top profiles you increase your likelihood of getting a top person. Just like in sales, you only get lucky when you talk to enough of the right people and open enough doors.

  1. Identify potential candidates Using tools like LinkedIn, Google, resume databases, Association databases, and wherever your perfect person might be, and build a big list of potentials (we do 60+). Quick tip: do some research on Boolean strings as these are very helpful in this process. Another Quick tip: If you come across higher-level profiles include them as they can help provide insights and referrals for your search.
  2. Make a list of potential companies your ideal person works at. Review company websites, press releases, newsletters, association links, LI and Facebook pages for key people, award winners and up and comers. Quick tip: find potential companies in the resumes of known performers, Capterra, industry publications, and Association memberships.
  3. Ask for referrals from people in the know – industry leaders, advisors, board members, and other candidates.
  4. Reach out to engage in a conversation. Quick tip: This can take many tries so don’t give up. Top performers are busy, and it might take many attempts and methods.
  5. Assess motivation, career needs, culture fit, and accomplishments. Quick tip: It is key to understand their motivators and needs first. It must be a win/win conversation, not just a pitch about your job opening.
  6. Interview the best fit candidates. Take it to the next step and move into an interview strategy with consistent questions to understand accomplishments, capacity and style. Engage others in the process. Quick tip: an interview strategy is important to help avoid implicit bias, group think, or rushed decision making. Read more on how to plan well to avoid these pitfalls.

Last Quick tip: Be accessible and vigilant on timing for each candidate. Make sure you or someone else manages the process to ensure no candidate is left in the dark or unclear on next steps. Assume each candidate is your next key hire and treat them this way. Candidates who feel valued, are clear on the process, and have their time respected, are more likely to start building trust and accept your offer. Read more on how to avoid common missteps that can lose a good candidate.

If you want to skip all this and just interview motivated and qualified candidates, Premierehire can do the search for you. Give us a call to assess if we are a good fit.  Please call Leanne at (760) 579-0248 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


About the author: Leanne Abraham is the President & CEO of Premierehire, an Executive Search and Staffing company that provides a wide variety of services to help companies attract, recruit and retain great people. Their exclusive SmartStart program helps with assessments, onboarding and leadership/ team development.

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Premierehire is an executive search and staffing company that works closely with company leaders to help them attract, recruit and retain top performers. Their highly consultative approach includes SmartStart assessments and coaching throughout the process including onboarding. Please call us to determine if we can help you find the talent you need (760) 579-0248.

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