Increase the Success of New Hires

Learn the best way to coach and accelerate the working relationship with your new hire(s). Get them up to speed and contributing at their best faster.

Develop Team Rapport, Productivity & Innovation

Participants describe the process as accelerating working relationships in a positive trajectory; eliminating the pitfalls of miscommunication, conflicting styles, and/or inaccurate interpretations.

Build rapport - Increase Trust - Reduce Stress

Become a Better Leader

Gain insights on what employees need and what motivates them to be their most productive selves. Our experts provide coaching for both the employee and the manager, highlight differences to watch, and provide a 26 week 'get to know' and coaching plan.


• Accelerate Productivity
• Improve Retention
• Save Time
• Improve Leadership
• Improve Communications

• Create Synergy
• Eliminate Misunderstandings
• Great Coaching Tools
• Reduce Conflicts
• Enjoy Work More

Premierehire ACCELERATOR can be customized to your unique needs for individuals, a team, a department, or to integrate as part of your corporate culture development.


• 90 day set up for success plan
• Expert insight & coaching sessions
• Detailed psychometric reports & diagnostics
• How to coach, motivate & hold accountable
• Potential communication & style differences
• Comparison on key personality components
• Online video program for ongoing development

Included with all leadership placements

Delivered in live Zoom calls

Stop Guessing for 1-on-1 & Teams

• Key performance insights
• Psychometric accuracy
• 26 week coaching system
• Dashboard & video tutorials
• For 1-on-1 or team development

• Video & Facilitator instructions

Corporate rate $129 per person


• Improve team communication
• Build collaboration skills
• Bond team members
• Various group sizes
• Includes ongoing reinforcement
  and development tools

Pricing varies

Delivered in virtual workshops

"Differences understood create synergy, differences not understood create conflict."

Choose synergy with Premierehire's ACCELERATOR & The Leading psychometric assessment tool

ACCELERATOR New Hire    *    Stop Guessing    *   ACCELERATOR Team


First we begin with a thorough assessment of the expertise, experience, psychometric profile, and expectations for this role.  Candidate assessment results are presented by a certified expert in two 90 minute coaching sessions. Included is a coaching summary, a detailed personal report, strengths and opportunities, keys to effective communication for both the new hire and the hiring manager plus differences to watch, and how to reduce stress. Also included is online access to our 12 week Signature Leadership Development program (value $2497). 

Stop Guessing

Premierehire has teamed with iQuest to bring you Stop Guessing. This tool is the simple application of complex psychometric assessments that are effective in generating insight, improved communication, increased rapport, and results immediately.

Each Stop Guessing chapter answers an important question to facilitate increased understanding and collaboration such as, How do I motivate her?, How do I talk to him?, What kind of team player is she?, and What are his challenges?, in all 26 key questions. Your Premierehire placement includes Stop Guessing for both the new hire and the hiring manager, otherwise available with the purchase of 5 or more at $129 per person. A Kick off workshop is also available to ensure your leaders start with confidence.


Designed for companies that would like to improve existing team communication or bring together a new team quickly, ACCELERATOR Team is a series of 30 minute to 3 hour workshops set over a period of time to accommodate work schedules. Pricing varies depending on the amount of facilitation desired and the number of people. This is supplemented by individual leadership development programs that continue after for a full year.

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