The team put our heads together to decide where our time and expertise can be of the best value. Outlined below is our COVID focus, including discounts and free support.

Please reach out to us if we can help you in any of the following ways. Chin up – we have all got this!

1. Finding great talent to grow your team.

We got creative and, combined with over the top support, searches have continued with video interviews, virtual tours, and outdoor meetings to help businesses find and onboard some great people. We can do the same for you.

2. Pipeline Building:

If you have put a search on pause, don't stop sourcing. To ensure our clients don't lose time once given the go ahead, we have been reaching out to qualified, high potential candidates. This way, when they say GO, the search will be fast and successful, with a quality person in place, running towards recovery. We can help you get ahead of the competition to secure the best of the best.

3. Free Process Consultation:

Is your hiring strategy well poised to successfully land the best people? There is a pool of quality talent available for hire as never seen before. If you want to attract and onboard the best of the best you need to be competitive and have good search & hiring processes in place. We are providing free consultations to fine tune or uncover gaps in your processes, so you don’t lose out on top talent. Call or email now.

4. Connecting Teams

Stop Guessing for Teams is half price (only $79 per person). Teams are staying connected on a more personal level with Stop Guessing for Teams, helping team members get to know the person behind the video image. Contact us for a coupon code.

5. Free Job Search e-Guide

For people that have been laid off, we have been sharing our free job search e-guide and blogging on how to better brand oneself for the next wave of hiring. Plus, our Career Coaching services are helping people position themselves for their next career move to achieve more passion, purpose, and reward.

If any of the above might be helpful please give us a call.

Call (760) 579-0248 ext. 730 and you will be connected to our snr. advisor, Leanne Abraham, or set up a 15 min. chat or 30 min. free consult at

When we pull together and pool our resources and expertise we all win and we will all get through this.

Download our Job Search e-Guide

Step by step guide on how to jump start your career, plus expert advice.

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