Your interview is over, you’ve made the right impression and you receive that all important offer of employment. Congratulations! But the work isn’t over yet. Preparing for an offer is just as vital as the steps that came before it. Your first reaction may be to accept but it is important to evaluate every opportunity carefully before making a decision.


Take a look at these questions and guidelines to ensure that the job is right for you!

Questions to Ask

As thrilling as it is to get an offer, you should always remember your career goals. Think about the following questions before making any decisions:

·         Does this offer satisfy you overall? Does it meet all your non-negiables? (i.e. compensation, benefits, challenging position, company values, friendly people etc.)

  • Is this position a step forward? Will it enhance your resume and help you move forward with your career a few years down the line?
  •  How does it compare to your current job and compensation package?
  •  How does it compare to other opportunities you are considering?

Talk it Over

Once you’ve thought about the questions yourself, talk to your close friends, family and partner. They may be able to offer insights or spot issues with the offer that you haven’t noticed.

Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification on things you’re not certain about. You should fully understand everything about the offer, the position and the company before moving forward with any discussions on salary. If there are factors other than salary in the offer which don’t meet your requirements, then it is better to reject it before wasting their time negotiating salary. You also don’t want to end up signing a contract for a job you later regret accepting.



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