What we believe:

Organizational transformation is about developing the core components and systems that will enable an organization to grow, evolve and maneuver the complexities of a changing landscape both internal and external without getting stuck, disintegrating, or needing outside help.  Changing dynamics can lead to overwhelm, conflicting interests, lack of clarity, fears, self protection, and ineffective problem solving all of which contribute to disintegration of relationships and dysfunctional patterns that stunt growth, creativity, innovation, any hope of successfully adapting.

Premierehire Executive search and leadership strategies
Premierehire Executive search and leadership strategies

We believe there is a way to prevent disintegration and dysfunction through a systematic, highly collaborative, common-sense approach that harnesses conflict constructively, deeply engages the hearts and minds of employees at all levels and builds a strong culture of mutual trust and respect. We provide leaders with the insights, tools, resources, and support to develop this kind of management to build healthy, high-performing, self-managing organizations. This creates an organization that can successfully tackle any challenge, attract and retain top talent, consistently deliver value and exceed customer needs, generate superior financial returns, and become industry leaders.


Premierehire Executive search and leadership strategies

We work with clients three ways:

1) We teach the principles and practices of methods that work,

2) The team then executes and practices at the same time.  We facilitate and work side-by-side to transform the management of their organizations

3) We provide the tools and coaching programs to grow leaders and build teams.


Premierehire Executive search and leadership strategies

What we do:

The long-term success of an organization is driven largely by the effectiveness of the executive team that leads it. Our purpose is to help CEOs transform the effectiveness of their leadership teams. Since 2001, we have pursued this calling working with clients in more than 4 countries including small to middle market companies, start-ups, and non-profits. Our methods work with any organization and in any industry.

Four Key Outcomes that Transform Workplaces

Premierehire Executive Search leadership strategies

The effectiveness of the senior leadership team is dramatically improved. Tension and frustration is replaced with greater energy and joy in pursuing better outcomes together.

Premierehire Executive Search leadership strategies

 Culture is strengthened around the core values of trust, respect, constructive conflict, accountability, and collaboration.

Premierehire Executive Search leadership strategies

All levels of the organization and levels of management are enhanced with the insights, leadership tools, systems and processes cascaded from the boardroom to the
front line.

Premierehire Executive Search leadership strategies

The acceleration of positive changes speeds the achievement of
the organization’s
financial goals.

What do our Clients say?

The tried-and-true methods we use will also help leaders:

  • Put systems in place that create mutual trust & respect without waiting for people to change
  • Develop the skills and safety for communication and innovation to flow at all levels
  • Learn the methods for teams to effectively solve problems, build support and coalitions, and simplify implementation.
  • Engage and empower a culture that lives its values and is able to perform as an integrated whole so strategy is implemented well.
  • Balance the work of growing leaders, building teams, and serving your markets and clients.
  • Create a healthy work environment that people enjoy and excel in because they contribute, trust, grow, collaborate, and work on

Is your organization healthy and maximizing its potential?

Some questions to ask yourself and/or your team:

  • Do we spend more time trying to address the problems of internal conflict and problem people versus figuring out how to best serve our client?
  • Are the people who are involved with the problem also involved in seeking the solution?
  • Can we solve our own problems, or do we need external intervention to move forward?
  • Do we utilize the energy created in conflict as a learning experience or does it slow us down?
  • Do we have a culture where corporate interest and self-interest are integrated?
  • Do we have people who are indispensable, ruling silos, or hording control?
  • In our organization is there the freedom and safety to share disagreements or propose new ideas?
  • Do we share disagreements respectfully?
  • Within our organization do all people feel accountable and thus accept responsibility?
Premierehire Executive search and leadership strategies


  • In our organization, do people trust each other and management?
  • Do we have synergy and cooperation in our organization?
  • Do our employees enjoy their work, appreciate their peers, and ignore anyone trying to poach them for an outside opportunity?

What Our Clients Say About Us