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The Challenge

Do you feel like your potential is untapped and that you are ready for a career move, but not sure how to make it happen or even the best direction? Your a leader but you can do so much more.

You think its time to pivot possibly due to COVID impacts but mostly for your own well-being, fulfillment, and earning potential.

Maybe you’ve already been trying, both internally and in the job market, but your efforts have led nowhere. You know you are just as talented and capable as others who have your dream job, lead at more strategic levels, and realized greater income returns.

You know you need to do something, you cannot stay uninspired, unfulfilled, and underpaid. You have more to give and are better than this.

The Reality

Let me assure you that you are not alone in your challenge and even your hesitation. Is it just a dream or is it possible? You are probably relying on the traditional channels to move up in your career – vying for a promotion, applying for jobs, asking friends and associates. All helpful but these usually only land incremental steps or just waste your time.

There are more challenges of course if you try to make a leap into another company or career path including getting past screening robots or overworked hiring managers that sift through resumes and check boxes. It is hard to stand out and communicate your value in 20 seconds or less on paper! It feels more like a lottery win if you get noticed.

Then there is the interview – 30 minutes to position yourself as the person who will have the highest impact, the negotiations – knowing your worth, and starting well to have fast impact. 

closer than you think:

You followed a plan and you executed it with insight and support
in record time.

You have landed a promotion or career opportunity that is such a
great fit that you are energized by what you do, you are excelling, and you lead with passion.

You are valued, work with exceptional peers, and are paid well for
what you do.

It wasn’t just a 10% bump but a 30%, 50% even 2Xs increase in

You can finally enjoy a weekend, knowing your course is set and
you are on purpose, working and growing in your sweet spot.

HOW to get this?

Most advancement seekers miss 3 critical steps so waste tremendous time and energy, plus miss opportunities. Our program helps you through these steps with efficiency and ease and includes:

  • Getting clear on where you excel & career goals,
  • Matching it up with your purpose and passion,
  • Leveraging your strengths and assets,
  • Defining and articulating your brand,
  • Positioning yourself for your greatest value in your ideal fit.
  • Go and get it using our behind-the-scenes strategies and techniques (Tip: over 70% of career opportunities are never posted or only an idea in a CEO’s mind)
  • Get hired for your highest market value versus 10% above your last paycheck. Some clients move up 30%, 70%, even double their income!

The ‘HOW TO’, strategies, techniques, tools, and 1:1 coaching will get you on track to your goal & will serve you for life. 

Step 1: The foundation step to build self-awareness, clarity, and direction so you can propel your career forward with confidence, conviction and a plan.

Step 2: Build an impression of your capacity and value as a leader,
so the people that influence or hire are eager to talk with you.

Step 3:  Learn how to ensure that only you walk through the
open door and shut it behind you – be either the only choice
or the obvious choice.

The process we guide through to achieve these steps works and has enabled me to help people create open doors to opportunities they have excelled in with teams they love to work with.

My expertise as a certified coach, an executive recruiter, and an experienced executive, bring the expertise and perspective to help you get the clarity, direction, strategy, and tools to get into the career you can uniquely deliver huge value in.

Plus you will advance your value and skill as a leader and have a tool that you can use for ongoing self coaching to improve your leadership of both those above and below you. 

To find out if this project is right for you, book a free 15 minute consult with me, Leanne Abraham, Premierehire’s lead coach and advisor. I promise to give you one piece of good advice and, if not a fit, point you to some good resources. 

Testimonial from recent clients:






















Coaching Outcomes:

  • Kick start process that helps you go step by step through the process of defining, refining, discovery, repositioning, and creating a game plan to step up in or over to a new career.  
  • Dig deep with in-depth psychometric profile and exercises, so you can quickly learn to be intentional about who you are and the impression you make.  
  • Explore and discover your true passions, values, style, and strengths so you can create a strong personal brand that people notice and want to know.  
  • Discover more about what is the best work environment for your style, how to leverage your strengths, mitigate your weaknesses and even what your best fit career is.  
  • Form the building blocks for opening doors for a high impact resume and LinkedIn profile, plus improved interviews, and self-promotion skills.  
  • Learn how to best communicate your personal brand in your resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letters, and in person meetings to target your ideal role.  
  • Custom resume and LinkedIn profile review and recommendations to build out your resume and online presence.  
  • Uncover your strengths, needs, and underlying beliefs that can impact your job search strategy, interviewing, and negotiation outcomes.  
  • Receive recommendations for your career search specific to you.  
  • Step by step on how to Build your personal coaching guide to accelerate your onboarding process using the work already done.  

  • Based on your new job build out a 90-day onboarding strategy to maximize relationships and impact.

BONUS Personal Growth and Leadership Programs:

1. One year online bi-weekly program (Stop Guessing) to help you gain insight and explain to others how you communicate, relate, build trust, lead, manage conflict, and for you to learn the same about them.

2. Your Personal Stress Management Report with insights and personalized recommendations on how to mitigate
and manage stress during the job search and onboarding process

3. The Personal Coaching Project to gain insight on your unique leadership style and how to maximize your self awareness, other awareness, and leadership impact as a manager.

Book a 15 minute consult.

A good leader knows who they are, how to build on their strengths and mitigate their challenges (or blind spots), and how to adapt their style to get the best out of their team and lead well.

A leader knows their value and can clearly articulate this through their stories and how others experience them. Get to know yourself, your working style, and preferences better then you ever have; and how you can best serve and lead others.

Position yourself better as a ‘must have’ leader and communicate this in your Resume, LI profile, introductions, and interviews.

Plus make better career decisions with our Career coaching and the leading assessment tool in career direction and leadership development. Get a competitive advantage and get where you want to go.

This process also helps to assess potential career options and determine which path will best meet your interests, needs, and work styles so you can meet your goals and both enjoy and excel in your work.

We include detailed insights on potential best fit career paths, industry areas, job titles, and the work environment components that are very important to your success and satisfaction within your career.

Testimonial from recent clients:

Leanne’s coaching was invaluable to me in my quest for a new opportunity; I was ready for a change. The process we followed, how she helped me build out my strengths and develop an effective resume and LinkedIn profile all helped to open doors. Even more valuable for me was the search strategy she had me follow, it worked! This, plus the preparation to present myself exceptionally well, resulted in many great conversations and 2 job offers. A senior executive I recently interviewed with commented, “I enjoyed your insights as well as your energy, we will get back to you ASAP to move forward”. I start next week!


Executive Leader, Orange County, CA

Thank you Leanne! I am immensely impressed with what you provide your clients.
Your experience, process, perspective and communication are best in class! I feel I benefited greatly from your coaching.  You completely over delivered (Resume, LinkedIn, advice, insights) on what was promised and I appreciate it very much!! The in-depth psychometric and leadership analysis was very insightful, enabling me to recognize internal factors (both strengths and opportunities) I wasn’t aware of.


Senior Sales Executive, Carlsbad, CA

Getting started is easy. Book a 15 minute consult.