You’ve made your decision. You have high expectations.
Your new hire is keen and ready to make an impact.

Yes you can. An ‘INSURED’ start is key to beating the odds. Costly statistics include:

  • Almost one third of new hires are looking for a new job within 6 months. Although this percentage declines as you move up the ladder, so does the cost of losing high ticket talent.1
  • Within 90 days an employee will decide to fully engage or start scanning job boards.
  • Almost 1/3 of externally hired executives miss expectations in the first two years.
  • Buyers’ remorse and other cognitive biases can easily tip the scale out of your favor.

Have you experienced the fall out of a failed new hire?

Your not alone.

A recent SHRM study found that the cost of replacing an employee ranges from 90 to 200 percent of their annual salary.2

Maybe, after investing hours in getting a leader started, you had to start all over again.

Or you had the awkward task of informing key clients or the board that your new hire left.

Then you needed to assure team members who might feel worried about why things did not work well.

Even if, despite a rocky start, the new hire stayed, you and your company lost weeks of time and energy.

I will never forget when successful business owner shared with me that his failed new hire cost him at least $34m!

    The Good news

    Investing in a strategic onboarding process can reduced turnover, increase new hire effectiveness and dramatically impact your business results.

    The Boston Consulting Group found that of 22 HR practices, onboarding is the second most influential on both employee experience and bottom-line results. Companies with great onboarding processes achieve 2.5 times more revenue growth and 1.9 times the profit margin of companies with poor onboarding strategies. 4

    Glassdoor found that a strong onboarding process can improve new hire retention by 82 percent and productivity by over 70 percent. 3


      But not all onboarding is equal

      Effective onboarding is more than just a busy week of paperwork, systems set up, and some introductions.
      An effective onboarding strategy will ensure that key relationships start well.

      Our New Leader Integration program compliments your onboarding and helps your new leader:

          • learn the culture, norms, expectations, and key people to succeed in their new role.
          • move quickly from awkward stranger to an engaged member of the team.
          • experience and create safety, rapport, and
            trust with direct reports, colleagues, and senior

      Planning for Effective Integration is key with huge returns

      You could leave it to chance and hope the start up goes well, but with what is at stake, the potential risks, and significant costs why not insure for success?

      The number one reason we see why good leaders do bad onboarding is because with many priorities they put it off. Time slips by and they miss the opportunity to accelerate the start up and set up for success. Some are fighting fires, others assume the new hire will figure it out, and others only do the typical welcome lunch and information sharing.

      Although the new hire may be skilled in building relationships, they might hesitate with too many unknowns, move too slowly, or become stressed. Buyers’ remorse can set in quickly, and all that initial enthusiasm and potential gets dampened with survival level anxiety


      Set the Course for your New Leaders on a Positive Trajectory – Here’s How 

      Our New Leader Integration ensures the important conversations happen and critical information is shared to build trust and rapport, NOW, while the opportunity is hot and before misunderstanding, tensions, or disengagement set in.

      Intentionally set up the dynamics for new hire success and productive teamwork with our New Leader Integration package – don’t just hope it goes well.


      What we do?

      Accelerating the ‘get to know you’

      We accelerate the ‘get to know you’ process and help people understand important similarities and differences to reduce misunderstandings and assumptions which could negatively
      color perceptions.

      We explore leadership styles, communication preferences, motivations & interests and their impact on work, expectations, personal keys to productivity and fulfillment, and much more.

      We also help ensure there is clarity in responsibility, decision making authority,
      and communication channels.

      Identify complimentary and conflicting styles

      With help from a leading psychometric tool, participants develop an operating guide on themselves and together identify where their different strengths or challenges might compliment or conflict.

      A focused ‘get to know you’ process guided by an executive coach, speeds up building rapport and eliminates potentially inaccurate assumptions or missteps which can lead to frustrations, stress, and conflict.

      Ongoing process & tools help facilitate conversations on key topics to enhance understanding and relationships extending to peers and direct reports.


      Productive conversations that build trust.

      A similar process is used with direct reports, colleagues and teams using simple guided conversations starters (including insight statements from their in-depth assessments).

      Growing a common understanding, language
      and process to talk about relationships and team dynamics is critical for agility and innovation.

      Learn more.

      New Leader Integration is facilitated by Leanne Abraham

      Leanne is a certified leadership coach with over 20 years of executive onboarding experience as an executive recruiter and long-time business leader. As she likes to say, “long enough to have made the mistakes and learned what really works so I can help others excel”.


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      and magnify your new hire and overall team success

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