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Executive & Leadership Searches

Whether you are growing your team or replacing a key person, finding the right leader that models your
values, integrates easily into your culture, and has the aptitude and expertise to deliver results,
is paramount to the success of your team, division, or company.

When it fails

You have had this happen before – everything lined up well, the interview and lunch went great, you enjoyed the interviews, their experience is what you need, others liked them too, so you hire them.
Then it starts, in a few weeks or a few months. People start complaining, the team is tense, metrics are missed, fingers are pointing. Your new hire is either stressed out or has their head in the sand. You are playing mediator, investing hours to make things work, & right the ship. You are either hoping your new hire does not bail or assessing if you need to pull the plug.

We have been there too – it is exhausting and frustrating.

Finding the right person and integrating them effectively is not easy, especially when: you already have a full plate,
recruiting is not your day-to-day priority, you are usually under a deadline there are often multiple stakeholders involved and time constraints and unconscious biases can lead you down the wrong path. While you are trying to do your best all this can lead to scattered process, poor decisions, ho hum start ups, and a misaligned hire, all of which have significant opportunity costs. It can cost you in employee morale, profits, and the direct costs of replacing a new person which can be up to two times their salary. 1

When it succeeds

A proven process plus an experienced team with a broad network will reward you with results beyond what you could accomplish squeezing in a few extra hours a day. Stay focused on your priorities and let us find, screen, and present top shelf people for you to make a final decision on.


Read what our clients have to say:


“Our new hire was in place and working faster that I even thought possible in this economy.”

“I am amazed at the quality of candidates I got to meet.”

“My time was focused and guided in every part I needed to participate in. I loved just showing up and making decisions while everything else was taken care of.”

“the pre-hire process was invaluable to us. It helped us get clear on what we really needed in this new person.”

“I really appreciated how professional Leanne and her team were, they made us look good all the time.”

“I don’t think we would have attracted and onboard the calibre of people we did without Premierehire.”

“Being able to dig deeper with this person and know in advance how their style, values, and mindset would compliment the team (or not) was critical in us making a good match.”

“Leanne is able to really learn about a person and what they are looking for to ensure a match, so I never wasted interview time with poor fits.”

“I love the onboarding process Premierehire provides. Accelerating our understanding of each other and helping Bill get to know his team fast, definitely pushed our results out the gate faster.”

Our Secrets to successful placements

  • A successful search & onboarding process is more than a job description and postings.
  • To guarantee the right fit and maximum impact for the long run, you must take key steps before your write a job description and long after a new hire’s
    first day.
  • Our secrets to success have placed impactful leaders with near 100% retention rate and include:
  • Assessing your needs and crafting the profile, job description, and strategy to attract the right person.
  • Proprietary methods to find and attract candidates even if they are not looking.
  • The world’s largest networks at our fingertips, AI tools, & an extensive referral network.
  • A robust interview and assessment process.
  • Efficient systems and tracking to ensure regular communication to all involved.
  • Simple application of in-depth psychometric assessments to go deep into motivation & fit.
  • Coaching, onboarding, and integration tools to ensure new hire and company success.
  • We do a lot of unique things that, over two decades, have been refined and perfected to deliver great results.


  • The most important asset we have is our passion and dedication to do the best work possible to serve both you and the candidate to achieve a long-term successful match.

Free Consultation

To learn more or ask a question schedule a call with our lead advisor Leanne Abraham.

Examples of how we helped leaders build great teams with exceptional people.








Who we serve

Our Search specialties span a wide variety of industries and cover positions in Executive Leadership,
Engineering, Finance, Technology, Operations, Accounting, Human Resources, Marketing, and Sales.

Our Recruiting Process

We help you make better hires – Guaranteed.

At Premierehire, our innovative approach is integrated with a thorough, step by step process. Our process ensures you get the most qualified candidates that meet your needs. The cost of a bad hire is too high. Reduce your risks and let us help your organization do this process well and find your best fit candidate.

Understand your Business & Needs

Before beginning a search our team will take the time to understand your company culture and business needs. By gaining an in-depth knowledge of your business, we have the insight needed to accurately market your opportunity and find then engage the most qualified professionals for your needs.

Search Our Network

Our extensive network of experienced candidates includes those who aren’t actively seeking new employment – ensuring you receive access to top performers in their field.

Validate Expertise and Leadership Skills

Upon selecting candidates who we have identified to be well-suited to your needs, we interview, including detailed performance based interview methodologies, and assess the candidate’s skills and experience to deliver those candidates matching your hiring criteria.

Present Only the Best

After a thorough inspection of skills, experience and personality, Premierehire will present top candidates
who are poised to make an immediate impact on your organization.

Negotiating Offers that are win/win

Our industry experts can assist you in negotiating the terms of a contract and other details such as relocation to ensure that you successfully engage your best fit candidate. Even before the new hire is on board, we can help ensure a fast and productive start through our ACCELERATOR Program.

ACCELERATE the ‘get to know you’

Accelerator tools and coaching support will help you, your new leader, and the team improve communication, job satisfaction and retention. This process can also assist in the pre-hire decision making. Learn more