What is Stop Guessing for Teams?

Brief bi-weekly conversation starters, generated from individual personality assessments, initiating discussions in your team or 1:1 about the most important topics for building trusting, accountable teams.

Create the building blocks for trusting, connected, relationships that will get better over time. Whether you have just started a relationship, are new to a team, or have been with them long-term – Stop Guessing will help you start conversations that you would never normally have so that you can solve sticky relationship and team challenges even before they start.

Stop Guessing about your most important relationships by learning how to:

  • Have simple conversations that can save your team/relationship from falling apart
  • Increase harmony and understanding in your team/partner
  • Better understand how to treat and talk to your team mates/partner in the way that they need and respond positively to

Stop Guessing is simple, easy to use, inexpensive and powerful. You can actually solve your relationship problems before they start.

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Conversation starters - each person gets their unique answers to the questions on this wheel



"Stop Guessing was the perfect solution to bring our operations managers throughout California together. Our challenge was that since they rarely had social time together, the relationships were transactional and there was limited trust, mostly because they didn't know each other well, and everything channelled up to the VP.  We wanted a team that would support each other, share lessons learned, and solve problems together versus the VP needing to get involved. We also wanted to have more mentor like relationships between the experienced and the new managers. We learned about SGT after Leanne led an onsite team workshop and encouraged us to add SGT to our monthly calls. It has been amazing how, in a very short time, SGT has increased comradery and engagement. Everyone has enjoyed getting to know each other and we have had a lot of good laughs. Respect and trust has definitely increased, and team members reach out to each other more for help or to just talk through a challenge. It was beautifully simple to implement and facilitate. I highly recommend you start today."  Director of Operations, waste management company, California

Your one time fee includes:

  • In-depth psychometric online questionnaire by Birkman which then generates your 26 personal conversation starters designed to build engagement, rapport and trust.
  • Facilitator guide and support for team leaders to implement achievable micro sessions
  • Online Dashboard for easy access to your 26 personal conversation starters, plus a brief video to explain each topic.
  • One year of bi-weekly emails to remind team members of the upcoming next topic and a link to their Dashboard, so they do not need to recall a user a name or password.
  • Affordable, one time fee of only $159 per person.
  • Purchase > 5 at one time and receive an 18% discount (Credit Card billing is available)

PLUS if you get started in Q1 2021 we will facilitate for FREE your first SGT team session via Zoom. This is our incentive to help you get started since we understand how easy it is to hesitate or delay even when it is simple and potentially transforming for you and your team.

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More ways to benefit from the power of Stop Guessing:

Hiring Decisions and On-boarding

Leadership Development

Team Building Workshops

Speed Networking

Sales Training

If you have questions or would like to discuss how you can implement Stop Guessing for Teams in your group, team or business please book a chat time below.

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