4 weeks to get on track & open the right doors

The challenge:

Do you feel like your potential is untapped and that you are ready for the next level of leadership? Or, you know its time to pivot partly due to COVID impacts but mostly for your own well-being and career future.

Maybe you’ve been trying both internally and in the job market but your efforts have led nowhere. Overtime you have watched peers and associates move up in earnings and leadership and you know you are just as talented and capable. You are either exhausted from job boards, applications and interviews, or cringe at the thought of it all. But you need to do something, because you know that you cannot stay uninspired, underpaid or unemployed. If your efforts, or anticipation of what you need to do, are already driving you to Netflix binges with a tub of ice cream (+ chocolate sauce), I get it, I have been there.

The reality:

You are not alone in this. The job search process is hard and is getting harder as unemployment rises mostly due to ongoing waves of COVID and overtaxed hiring managers that have to rely on pre-screening AI tech or just picking the close enough person who walks through the door.

Getting a promotion is also not easy, especially if you are good at your job and your boss cannot afford to lose you, or worse, you have been pigeon-holed in your role (the saying, 'never a prophet in your home town' exists for a reason).

The results:

Imagine landing a promotion or career opportunity that is such a great fit that you are energized by what you do, excel, and lead with passion.

Monday morning is filled with anticipation vs. dread, and you now have money at the end of the month to save for a vacation, kid's college fund or retirement. You can finally enjoy a weekend, without the anxiety of the unknown, knowing that your course is set and you are on purpose, working in your sweet spot.


Most advancement seekers miss 5 critical steps so waste tremendous time, energy, money and lost opportunities.

Our coaching program helps you through these steps with efficiency and ease. Each step is foundational and builds upon the other. The strategies, techniques, tools and 1:1 coaching will get you on track to your goal & will serve you for life. 

Steps 1 - 3: The foundation steps to build awareness, clarity, direction so you can propel your career with confidence, conviction and a plan.

Step 4: Quickly build an impression of your capacity and potential as a leader, so even the competition is eager to talk with you.

Step 5:  Learn how to ensure that only you walk through the open door and shut it behind you. Be either the only choice or the obvious choice.

This 5 step process works and has enabled me and other coaches to help hundreds of people create open doors to opportunities they have excelled in with teams they love to work with. As a certified coach and an experienced executive recruiter I am passionate about helping you get the clarity and direction and tools needed to get into the career/role you can deliver huge value in.

Book a free 20-30 minute consult to discuss if this will be a fit for you. I have 5 openings available to start in July & August.


The Kick Start Career Coaching package includes:

Three 1:1 LIVE Sessions - not pre-recorded but custom feedback and advice for you with Leanne Abraham, an experienced executive coach & recruiting expert, so you can get direct coaching and get through these 5 steps to get to your career goal faster. Clients often share that Leanne's coaching provides insights they have never had or been told before. See below what clients are saying about Leanne's Kick Start coaching program.

Session 1 (90 min) Steps 1, 2 and 3. We use an in-depth psychometric profile and pre-session exercises, so you can quickly learn to be intentional about who you are and the impression you make plus explore your passions, values, and style in the workplace so you can create a strong personal brand. These steps are the building blocks for opening doors, a more effective resume/ LinkedIn profile, and improved interview/self-promotion skills.

Session 2 (90 min) Step 4 & 5 - Depending on where you are at we will either focus on exploring and identifying the best fit career and work environment for you OR dive right into how to best communicate your personal brand in your resume, LinkedIn profile, and in person meetings to target your ideal role. This session will also cover your strengths and needs related to career advancement, job search strategy, and interviewing. Custom recommendations for next steps in your career search or career development will be provided.

Session 3 (60 min) Extra coaching support exactly where you need it so you can move forward on your actions quickly.

Included with your coaching package:

  • Pre-session workbook exercises to get the most out of our time together (retail value: $120)
  • 40+ page custom Birkman Signature report & Custom Interpretation (retail value: $497)
  • In-depth Birkman Career profile report so you can be clear on the workplace and career elements that will maximize your fit and success (retail value: $140)
  • Custom resume and LinkedIn profile review and recommendations (retail value: $597)
  • Personal Job Search / Career advancement strategy recommendations (retail value: $245)
  • Stop Guessing - 26 key elements that help you gain insight and explain to others how you communicate, relate, build trust, lead, manage conflict, and more (retail value: $159)
  • All sessions are recorded in Zoom so you can review (value $40).
  • Plus above 1:1 coaching hours (retail value $997)
  • Total Package Value $2,795

Investment Options:

Option 1: Paid in Full only $1,797 USD

BONUS #1 SAVE $998 (limited time only) over 35% discount

Why such a huge discount from $2,795? I want to help you get started now. If you are motivated then I am here to help. Please note that due to the 1:1 nature of this coaching I am limited to 5 clients for July and August. My other time is dedicated to training team leaders and helping companies find exceptional leaders.

BONUS #2 Your Unique Personal Coaching Report & Stress Management Report (Retail Value $140)

Provides an outline of your unique Needs and Expectations and Your potential Stress Behaviors from your Birkman assessment, PLUS coaching suggestions on how to mitigate or eliminate your unique stressors

Option 2 - Pay $1000 up front and two monthly payments of $875

Getting started is easy. Just email Leanne at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and say Yes, lets get started to Kick Start my next career move.

Or book a free 20-30 minute consult to determine if this will meet your needs.


Testimonial from a recent client:

I am immensely impressed with what you provide your clients…
Your experience, process, perspective and communication are best in class!
I feel I benefited greatly from your private coaching.  You completely over delivered (Resume, LinkedIn, advice, insights) on what was promised and I appreciate it very much!!
The Birkman report was very insightful, enabling me to recognize internal factors (both strengths and opportunities) I wasn’t aware of.

Brian, Senior Sales Executive, Carlsbad, CA

A good leader first knows who they are; second, how to build on their strengths and mitigate their challenges (or blind spots); and, third, how to adapt their style to get the best out of their team. A leader knows their value and can clearly articulate this through their stories and how others experience them. Get to know yourself, your working style, and preferences better then you ever have; and how you can adapt to best serve others. Sessions are guided by a certified coach and experienced executive recruiter.

Position yourself better as a ‘must have’ leader in your Resume, LI profile and introductions, and make better career decisions with our Career coaching and The Birkman Method. Get a competitive advantage and get where you want to go.  The Birkman Method together with your coach can also help you assess potential career decisions and determine which path will best meet your interests, needs, and work styles so you can enjoy your work and excel.

CAREER COACHING: Some people are set with this kick start program while others prefer ongoing career coaching. This is available for 3 or 6 month support  (Paid in full provides a 25% discount) or as needed at $497 per 75 min session based on availability. Please note that I limit the number I coach so I can focus on each person well. If I am full, I have other excellent coaches I can refer you to.

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