The Best Way to Engage a Search Agency

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At Premierehire the best way to engage us is to e-mail your resume (in Word please) and a brief summary with:

  • what you are looking for (be as specific as possible),
  • key assets you have to offer,
  • geographic area you are willing to commute or move to

  • pay range expectations
  • when you are available to work (start date, hours)
  • are you open to short-term or contract work
  • examples of the companies you would like to work for plus any you do not want to work for.

Based on the information you provide, we can let your know if we have anything open that fits or refer you to resources that might be able to assist you in your search. If you are a potential fit, our Staffing Manager or one of our Executive Recruiters will contact you to request an interview.  Please note that many of our opportunities never get to our job board, since we actively seek out qualified candidates to meet our client’s needs as quickly as possible. You may review posted openings here.

To ensure that we can find you when an opportunity arises please register on our website at so you are in our database. Make sure you include the keywords we are most likely to search on to find someone with your qualifications. Also you may download our job search Career Guide from our home page.

If you are new to working with an agency please know that agencies do not charge you a fee if you are referred or placed at a company.  The employer is our client who has engaged us to find the type of employee they are seeking. As such, the current jobs we have open are our priority, so please be patient as we may not be able to reply to you as promptly as we would like.

Our clients hire mostly on a permanent or contract to hire basis. Occasionally our clients will have a short term need for a key project, peak work load, or employee coverage.  These opportunities range from entry level to executive.

Best of success to you in your search!


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