Preferred Work Styles

The Preferred Work Styles Report helps to identify the ideal organizational environment for an individual, as well as identifying certain corporate, social and problem-solving styles the person will exhibit. Scores can be used to help determine the managerial and occupational context that would contribute most positively to your success. The very best Human Resources professionals are using Birkman to choose their top people. The Preferred Work Styles is a central focus as Birkman teaches them how their prospect is likely to perform in the future. 

What I love about this report – The Preferred Work Styles Report describes how an individual prefers to contribute to the organization and what they value in a work setting. This report alone can be “worth the price of admission.”

Needs at a Glance

Let’s take all of your significant needs and put them on one page so that you don’t miss anything when designing the perfect career. This is also a big help in relationships. 

What I love about this report – People often overlook what they need when evaluating an opportunity and this gives you a laser focus on ensuring that the next opportunity won’t leave you living in stress.

Coaching Page

Invaluable information to have so that you can coach yourself and know how to ask superiors to coach you. The page starts out providing a very brief behavioral description and then finishes with some suggestions for coaching you. These are crisp, clear, focused and very important coaching points that can totally change the effectiveness of a relationship. Supervisors need one of these for every person they hire. 

What I love about this report – People can stop guessing about how you need to be coached. This powerful summary can transform working relationships... in just one page... Really!!

Job Families / Job Titles

This report will compare your answering patterns with those who have been successful at a wide variety of careers. This will give you a strong indication of where you’d be most satisfied in your career. There are also links to the US labor site where you can find fantastic information on careers that you may be interested in.

What I love about this report – You get great ideas in the closest areas of your occupational interest. You can actually design your own career from the information and web links in this report by combining this all with your core behavioral data in the previous reports. Very powerful and often life changing report!


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