One common thread amongst our team is that we all have servant hearts. We serve as recruiters, coaches, and consultants because we want to:

  • Help people find their niche and excel
  • Help companies grow
  • Help leaders build strong teams
  • Help our communities and world be a great place to live.

 I am always so proud of our team when I hear stories of the extra mile they walked to help a job seeker, a neighbor or a friend in need.

As a company we are committed to giving back and, to date, we have donated most of our profits to the favorite causes of our team members. These include:


Solutions for Change – solving family homelessness in

North County and sharing best practices with the nation.


International Relief Teams – engaging volunteers and resources to

bring relief to people in crisis at home and around the world.

Call of Hope Mission School and Orphanage:

Located in Conakry, Guinea, Call of Hope is a dedicated team of teachers and parents, led by Pastor Michael, that love, support and educate orphans and children of refugee families from Sierra Leone.




Kids at Call of Hope School


School assembly to welcome us.


Happy kids who all received a good lunch and a Christmas gift.


Delivering supplies and gifts to the school.


Devotion at the start of school.

                  Devotion at the start of school.



Grade 1 class


Grade 2 class

Grade 4 class                   Grade 5 class                   Grade 6 class

Grade 5 & 6 class


Grade 8 class


Grade 10 class

The teachers raised funds from local businesses to
put on a sports day for the kids.
                  Leanne and her son, Steven, delivering supplies
to an orphanage in Conakry.


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