Companies look for leaders. A good leader first knows who they are; second, how to build on their strengths and mitigate their challenges (or blind spots); and, third, how to adapt their style to get the best out of their team. Get to know yourself, your working style, and preferences better then you ever have; and how you can adapt to best serve others with Premierehire’s SmartStart VIP coaching and Birkman Web Series.

You’ll make better impressions, position yourself better as a ‘must have’ leader, and make better career decisions with Premierehire and Birkman. Get a competitive advantage and get where you want to go.

SmartStart Career Coaching & Leadership Development includes:

  • Two 90 minute sessions with an experienced Executive Coach & Placement expert

Session 1 is focused on interpreting and identifying high ROI opportunities in leadership development and insight into your communication, relationship, and work culture needs. Better understanding of these help to improve your communication, reduce your stress and improve your effectiveness in interviews.

Session 2 focuses on identifying the best fit career, management style, and work environment.  This will also go into items to watch and strengths to build on related to career selection, job search strategy, and interviewing. Recommendations for your resume and LinkedIn profile will also be provided.

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